the bese project/arnesi

arnesi is a Common Lisp utility suite. It contains various "bits 'n pieces" of code which were useful while developing other code.


  • flow control macros - while, whichever, if-bind, etc.
  • a simple logging facility - kind-of/sort-of/maybe like log4j.
  • http/html utilities - url and html escaping
  • pattern matching - fare-matcher style pattern matcher and "regular" list matcher
  • accumulation - collecting and reducing macros
  • cps transformer - an ad-hoc, bug ridden implementation of half of call/cc.
  • decimal arithmetic - convert floats to exact rationals and vice versa with a given precision; standard rounding functions.
  • MOP compatibility package - The MOPP package provides the MOP's symbols on various implementations. Currently OpenMCL, CMUCL, SBCL, Lispworks and CLISP are supported.


API Reference

darcs repository


There are none. We did use to have 'official' releases but it was a lot of work, introduced a lot of incompatable version problems, and installing a release is just as easy as doing darcs get ....


arnesi is released under the BSD license.